Homeopathy is the fastest growing alternative medicine category in the world today. Homeopathy is long established. The British royal family has used homeopathy exclusively for generations. All the physicians to the Royal Family have been homeopaths dating back to the late 1800’s. Today homeopathy in Britain is estimated to be growing at the rate of 20% a year. Over 30 million people in Europe use homeopathy, and approximately 130 million people in India. In Brazil, 15,000 physicians are practicing homeopaths.

One of the main tenets of homeopathy is that the medicinal potency of a substance is increased with its dilution. This is perhaps the most controversial. Many mainstream doctors and scientists argue that there is no way that a substance so diluted could possibly have any effect. Homeopathy is in their view ineffectual — any possible benefit that patients derived would have to be purely a placebo effect.

The scientific community was recently set abuzz by the current research of Professor Luc Montagnier. Professor Montagnier is the French scientist who won the 2009 Nobel Prize for discovering the AIDS virus. His current research provides evidence that ultra high dilutions, such as those used in homeopathy, do in fact have effects.  Professor Montagnier has shocked the scientific and medical establishment by stating that water has a memory that continues after many dilutions.

Montagnier has discovered that highly diluted solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria “emit low frequency radio waves” and that such waves affect the molecules around them, turning them into organized structures. These structures in turn emit waves and Montagnier found that these waves remain in the water even after it has been diluted many times. This wave activity suggests that homeopathy may indeed have a scientific basis. “High dilutions are not nothing” says Professor Montagnier, “they are water structures that mimic the original molecules”

Montagnier refers to another earlier researcher, Jacques Benveniste, as a “modern Galileo.” Montagnier  says: “Benveniste was rejected by everybody because he was too far ahead…He lost everything, his lab, his money…I am told some people have reproduced Benveniste’s results but are too afraid to publish it because of the intellectual terror from people who don’t understand it.”

Clearly, if the basis of homeopathy is shown to be a scientifically proven phenomenon, not a placebo effect as many in the scientific community maintain, it has profound implications for the future of health care. There are several important benefits, among them:

1. No side effects. Homeopathic medicines have no known side effects. As they are made from tiny amounts of highly diluted substances, it is impossible to for any kind of poisoning to occur. What is commonly called the “side effects” of prescription drugs, if caused by any other substance, would be called poisoning. In fact, every year more people die from adverse reactions to drugs than die in car accidents in the United States alone.

2. Lower cost. Homeopathic medicines are inexpensive. Typically, a month’s supply of a single medicine can be had for $10 or less.

3.Homeopathic medicines work by stimulating the body’s own healing force.  When a person is under homeopathic treatment, the medicine is decreased as the body’s health is restored. With allopathic medicine, chronic  health conditions are treated symptomatically with drugs. If the patient stops the drug, the condition returns.  Basically, the body is being chemically altered to get rid of symptoms. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this.  However, if there are toxic effects to the body such as liver and kidney damage,as is common with many drugs, the long term use of  the drug to alleviate symptoms actually causes the body to be more diseased

As the public is becoming more educated and aware that there are effective alternatives to  drugs, it is more likely to turn to healthy alternatives such as homeopathy to improve their health and well-being.  Research done by a Nobel winning scientist can only make homeopathy more respected and credible, both by the scientific community and the public at large.


Valerie contacted me for help in dealing with her newly diagnosed case of pulmonary hypertension. Due to this condition, she was experiencing severe bouts of shortness of breath, chest pain, anxiety, and heart palpitations on an ongoing basis. Her medical doctor had given her a rather bleak prognosis, as the condition is chronic and serious and can shorten one’s lifespan considerably, to as little as two years from diagnosis. Valerie was afraid she was going to die in the near future, within one year she felt, and expressed this to me.

When I looked at Valerie’s energy field, I could see a large mass of dark green energy in her chest area. I asked Valerie if she had any experiences from her past where she still felt unresolved grief. She mentioned the love of her life had died and she had never fully gotten over it. I guided her through several EFT meridian therapy tapping sequences around the feelings of loss of this extremely significant love relationship, specifically the idea that she would never again have love in her life. (This was the only relationship where she had truly felt loved and was a tremendous loss.) After several rounds of tapping on these issues to neutral, her anxiety level decreased and her breathing eased somewhat.

Our next session again focused on another significant relationship, that with her daughter. Her relationship with her daughter was severely strained. There had been an incident where one of Valerie’s boyfriends had been sexually inappropriate with her daughter, and she had never forgiven her for it. Valerie felt horrible guilt about this and overcompensated by allowing her daughter to mistreat her in various ways. Valerie did not believe she deserved to be treated well by her daughter because of what had happened. I looked at her energy field and saw dark blue in her chest area, indicating Valerie was giving her will and authority to her daughter in order to feel deserving of love, and not able to be in alignment with her own truth. I guided Valerie through several tapping sequences, first about forgiving herself, and then being able to listen to and honor her own needs in relationships.

By the end of the session, Valerie’s breathing was easier and less labored. Her anxiety level had also diminished significantly.

When I next spoke with Valerie, she reported she had been breathing significantly easier. She was experiencing much less anxiety and heart palpitations, and her sleep had improved. Valerie was feeling less guilt and depression about her relationship with her daughter, but their relationship was still severely strained. Her daughter was still very cold with her, sometimes to the point of rudeness and contempt. Valerie did not know how to act and be with her daughter and still feel okay about herself. We tapped on the issue of having a healthy boundary with her daughter, being able to say “no” when she needed to, and feeling good about her own choices and decisions.
Our next few sessions continued to focus on Valerie’s relationships, both with her daughter, and her father, who had been abusive to her as a child. Her health steadily improved, to the point where she was experiencing little to no symptoms.

About six weeks after her initial diagnosis, her doctor ran more tests to further evaluate her condition. The tests came back negative–he could find no signs of pulmonary hypertension. He was bewildered and could give no explanation as to the findings. Valerie was thrilled to get a clean bill of health from the physician who had given her such a grim prognosis.